Anwar Ravjani of Embodiment Works is a highly respected and experienced holistic therapist, providing a wide range of healing and relaxation techniques to his loyal and exclusive client-base
in London. His Intuitive touch and calming personality have received many rave reviews from clients, professionals and the press.

When we are stressed we lose connection with ourselves. We lose touch with who we are and how it feels to be in our bodies. Through bodywork Anwar brings people back in touch with themselves. To find out more about the specific treatments available to you simply click here or select from the Treatments menu above.

Embodiment MassageWe all know what it’s like to rush from one thing to another – even relaxing activities such as yoga or going to the gym become things we hurry to in a ‘doing modus’. Over time, we end up losing the connection to ourselves, our feelings of anxiety increase and our body ends up being in a perpetual state of stress. Often, we don’t even realize it as we have become too used to it; constant stress becomes our new ‘normal’.

Anwar will help you to change this. His work is expertly tuned to your inner persona, how you are feeling and how your body responds to stress, making sure you are truly present by focusing your mind, thoughts, muscles and breath inward. He shows you how you hold on to stress and then to let go of it and helps you learn to feel the benefits of inhabiting a relaxed body.

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